Drinking coffee with my demons


I tried to sit down with my demons

I offered coffee, cream and sugar

I just wanted to have a little chat

And catch up like the old friends we are

but my demons are shy little creatures

much like myself, 

they don’t like to come out and play 

Instead we simply gave each other

a little nod, as if to say “I acknowledge

you, and your rights, but I will still

destroy you in the end, unless you

destroy me first”  And then we 

sighed and went our separate ways  



There is a darkness within me I always knew,

One that lurks deep in my soul and my bones,

Though now it sleeps, I fear its awakening,

A fear so profound it stills my tongue and heart.

Words I dare not speak, feelings I dare not feel,

But I shall not run, I shall not hide, I shall not cower,

From these emotions no longer sealed, that I will conquer.